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About Us

Eviction and foreclosure can have devastating effects on a person’s life, leading to loss of stability, increased stress, and difficulty finding new housing. In extreme cases, it can even result in homelessness. The experience of losing a home can be traumatic, causing emotional and financial hardship for individuals and families.

The root causes of evictions and foreclosures often stem from job loss or unexpected medical expenses, making it difficult for individuals to keep up with their housing payments. This is why it’s important to provide support to those facing these issues. Our company is committed to helping stop evictions and foreclosures by providing financial assistance and job training to those in need. We understand the importance of stability and security in a person’s life, and we are dedicated to helping those in need achieve it.

Assistance Center provides direct support, advocating for policies that protect renters and homeowners. This can include supporting rent control measures and mortgage modification programs, which can help prevent evictions and foreclosures in the first place. By working together, we can help create a future where everyone has access to safe and secure housing. Our company is here to help and we are committed to making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

We can help stop your foreclosure and show you how to keep your house and never have your home taken from you.